C++ objects and CMake build system for Parallax Propeller
PropWare Documentation

What is PropWare?

PropWare is a combination of three key pieces:

  • Easy, configurable and fast C++ objects for the Propeller (includes the C Simple Library from Parallax, libpropeller by SRLM, and my own PropWare namespace)
  • An easy-to-use and robust build system using CMake (lots of examples for anyone not yet familiar)
  • Thorough documentation regarding both source code and setup

My goal is to provide both novice and expert users alike a single environment that approaches the simplicity of SimpleIDE or Arduino without sacrificing a single ounce of power or flexibility. This is accomplished entirely with CMake and Python. An installation script is provided in Python that will set up your environment for you (including downloading dependencies) and CMake gives you a wonderfully easy way to build your binaries. If you are an Eclipse user, CMake provides a simple command that will generate an Eclipse project for you (no need for a special Propeller plugin!). JetBrains' new C++ IDE, (CLion), supports CMake out-of-the-box and is the recommended tool for use with PropWare applications.

Key Features

  • More C++ for the Propeller
  • Easy CMake build system
  • Support for Eclipse, CLion and other full-featured IDEs
  • Active development - I'm open to requests for new objects/peripherals
  • MIT license

Getting Started

Chapter 1: Installation
Chapter 2: CMake & Make Tutorial
Chapter 3: Run an example project
Chapter 4: Create a PropWare Project


Developing and Contributing to PropWare

PropWare is developed by David Zemon.

Code contributions can be made by either contacting David Zemon or forking the repository and creating a pull request.

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