C++ objects and CMake build system for Parallax Propeller
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directory  c++


file  alloca.h [code]
 Provides the alloca function to allocate memory on the stack.
file  assert.h [code]
 Provides assert interface used for internal error detection.
file  cog.h [code]
 Inludes common API definitions for COG programming.
file  cogload.h [code]
 Provides Propeller specific functions to load COGs from EEPROM.
file  compiler.h [code]
 Defines features of the compiler being used.
file  complex.h [code]
 Provides complex math API declarations.
file  ctype.h [code]
 Provides character class check API macros.
file  dirent.h [code]
 Provides directory operations API declarations.
file  driver.h [code]
 Provides driver API functions for initializing devices.
file  errno.h [code]
 Defines error condition reporting macros.
file  fcntl.h [code]
 Provides fcntl() interface API macros.
file  fenv.h [code]
 Provides floating point exception declarations.
file  i2c.h [code]
 Provides Propeller specific functions for I2C.
file  i2c_driver.h [code]
 Declarations here are not meant as public API.
file  inttypes.h [code]
 Provides API for format conversion of integer types.
file  locale.h [code]
 Provides multi-lingual localization API functions.
file  propeller.h [code]
 Provides Propeller specific functions.
file  propeller1.h [code]
 Provides Propeller 1 specific functions.
file  propeller2.h [code]
 Provides Propeller 2 specific functions.
file  pthread.h [code]
 Provides API for implementation of pthread functions.