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Random Number Generators
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 Random Number Distributions
 Uniform Distributions


Max72xxPanel matrix = Max72xxPanel(0, 1, 2, numberOfHorizontalDisplays, numberOfVerticalDisplays)
char buffer [4096]

Detailed Description

A function template for converting the output of a (integral) uniform random number generator to a floatng point result in the range [0-1).

These classes define objects which provide random or pseudorandom numbers, either from a discrete or a continuous interval. The random number generator supplied as a part of this library are all uniform random number generators which provide a sequence of random number uniformly distributed over their range.

A number generator is a function object with an operator() that takes zero arguments and returns a number.

A compliant random number generator must satisfy the following requirements.

Random Number Generator Requirements
To be documented.

Variable Documentation

◆ buffer

_M_x The state of the generator This is a ring buffer

◆ matrix

parameter_a The last row of the twist matrix = Max72xxPanel(0, 1, 2, numberOfHorizontalDisplays, numberOfVerticalDisplays)

#include <libArduino/tests/Ticker/Ticker.cpp>

Definition at line 13 of file Ticker.cpp.