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printer.h File Reference
#include <PropWare/PropWare.h>
#include <PropWare/hmi/output/printcapable.h>
#include <PropWare/utility/utility.h>
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class  PropWare::Printer
 Container class that has formatting methods for human-readable output. This class can be constructed and used for easy and efficient output via any communication protocol. More...
struct  PropWare::Printer::Format
 Passed into any of the Printer::print methods, this struct controls how aspects of numerical printing. More...


 Generic definitions and functions for the Parallax Propeller.


#define S_ISNAN(x)   (x != x)
#define S_ISINF(x)   (x != 0.0 && x + x == x)
#define isdigit(x)   ('0' <= x && x <= '9')


PropWare::Printer pwOut
 Most common use of printing in PropWare applications (not thread safe; see PropWare::pwSyncOut for multi-threaded printing)

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David Zemon

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